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Retail Design – Wicked Pop-Up Shop

The experimental Melbourne-retail-popup shop store is a combination between an immersive art installation and a high-fashion boutique. There is a beauty bar where guests can mix their own lipstick, a stall for designing personalized headphones and even a hot press for creating custom sweatshirts. As Robertson explains, “It’s completely and totally organized chaos! I really…

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Retail Design Tokyo Fashion Style

The store boasts a vibrant red interior, lined with shelves of books that fit from floor to ceiling. This unusual hybrid of bookstore and fashion retail space began as part of a global campaign that was initiated in Paris. This retail space was originally centered around the history of the Left Bank, and soon, other…

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Harrods Digital Egg

Harrods and Faberge recently teamed up for the department store’s digital window display that was unveiled in celebration of Easter. The interactive installation featured transformative vignettes of various Faberge designs and allowed the decorative egg maker to customize each projection in an artistic way. This digital window display by Harrods and Faberge gave the department…

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Lululemon Brand Retail Symbols

One Lululemon Edmonton store demonstrates the athletic apparel company’s interest in honoring the local spirit. With the help of a Albertan illustrator, Jason Blower, the franchise was given a Canada-themed makeover featuring great symbolism to describe its setting and its people. The artist elaborated upon some of his earlier designs that represent the provincial capital…

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World Vision – Connecting Lives Vimeo

Designed and developed by GIANI: Brands + Environments World Vision is Australia’s largest charitable group. World Vision helps over 20 million people every year, thanks to the support of more than 400,000 Australians. World Vision provides relief in emergency situations and works on long-term community development projects. Together, these address the causes of poverty and help…

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World Vision – Connecting Lives: ABC

Designed and developed by GIANI: Brands + Environments.   Connecting Lives opened in Sydney on 7th February 2011 to visitors for the next 8 months. This interactive walk-through exhibition is designed to transport you to the heart of Africa and into the real-life world of a child struggling against incredible odds. Authentic settings, stirring audio…

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Amnesty International – Sydney Road Street Festival

Giving a little back On Sunday 3rd March at the Sydney Road Street Festival, GIANI: Brands + Environments was a proud supporters and organisers of the Amnesty Internal activation. We assisted with the delivery of Amnesty International’s campaign – ‘Afghan Women’s Rights’, and presented a range of other human rights issues through Brand & Campaign awareness,…

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