Melbourne – Vodafone Retail Conference

Brand Experience Design & Retail Design

Vodafone – Branded Experience and Brand Campaign: A Direct Sales and Enterprise Sales Conferences was designed, represented by the metaphor, ‘Go Beyond’, established to set the tone for the coming year, representing growth and empowerment to all Vodafone employees.

This is a call to action but also a call to attitude. ‘Go Beyond’ is a state of mind, going that extra mile, thinking outside the normal parameters, being inventive and courageous, taking responsibility for how things will be by creating them that way. It can be applied to individuals, to teams, to the whole organisation – we are a ‘Go Beyond’ organisation – and of course, to customers – going beyond for the customer. It neutralises complacency. It invites people to do more, be more and to author the future rather than merely waiting for it to arrive.

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Vodafone Experience - Go Beyond, Experiential Marketing

Vodafone Experience – Go Beyond, Experiential Marketing

Go Beyond

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