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Brand & Digital Design Strategy

There is an increasing amount of participation with unclean Ink practices amongst Youth at risk and the general public due to the availability of tattooing and piercing equipment, through online and traditional retail outlets. From the research conducted there was little knowledge about the associated health related risk due to poor awareness and education.


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Additionally, youth at risk and the general public are difficult to reach and educate about hepatitis, which is often associated with people who inject drugs and the not me factor.

Objectives: Reaching the broadest possible audience by developing a digital platform that allows users to express their artistic style through the lens of Ink Art, and allowing them to share their creativity through social media.


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The Research: After extensive market research, taking the advice from various board members and holding focus groups with target audiences, it was determined that an App that captured the attention of youth at risk needed to be relevant and interesting to that particular sub culture.

Additionally, creating an App that was interesting to the general public was also requested.

The concept was design to achieve this, maximising both the need to capture young peoples attention as well as deliver health messages.

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The Outcome: The result was a truly remarkable level of engagement and user activity. A 1400% increase in online actively was recorded in the first week alone, blowing our expectations away and confirming that the integrated platform was a truly successful place as a result of a well planned positioning strategy.


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