Melbourne – Ford Branded Retail Trade Show

Ford Trade Shows & Event Designs

A designed series of branded environments to showcase Fords entire product range without any understanding of locations, sizes or venues throughout Australia.

Given the challenges it was only appropriate to develop a fresh exhibition approach which was as efficient as it was expressive, embracing the complexity of multi-site installations and multi-product messaging to deliver an exciting, ever-changing environment worthy of the Ford badge.

Lego blocks were the secret. A box of blocks and vibrant mix-n match clip-on pieces that allowed you to build a never-ending array of creations. Every element within the exhibition was designed around easy-to-assemble 1 metre x 1 metre units. With a step-by-step this is how it goes together foolproof plan.
This allowed us to simply scale the display to practically any size we had to, changing both its floor shape and on-stand display elements to suit individual show requirements. Subtle strength that doesnt shout at the audience, but rather, positively surprises them by powerfully placing Ford at the centre of their diverse lifestyle passions.

 Ford Brand Experience Ford Brand Experience Ford Brand Experience

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