World Vision – Connecting Lives: ABC


Designed and developed by GIANI: Brands + Environments.


Connecting Lives opened in Sydney on 7th February 2011 to visitors for the next 8 months. This interactive walk-through exhibition is designed to transport you to the heart of Africa and into the real-life world of a child struggling against incredible odds. Authentic settings, stirring audio and powerful imagery combine to make this a journey you’ll never forget. This is not an exhibition for the faint hearted, this is a powerful, thought provoking experience that challenges you to think outside of your normality, at the same time connecting you to a life very different from your own. Connecting Lives engages well with schools, churches and corporate groups, offering supporting information and education through a number of specifically related workshops. Open until October 2011. Bookings are essential. Not suitable for children under 12. Visit Connecting Lives website for more information.



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