Franchise Coffee Shop

Franchising Your Retail Coffee Shop

Melbourne Coffee Shop – Franchising Your Retail Shop More than 90% of franchise systems in Australia are locally-created brands, with the majority owned by the mum and dad entrepreneurs who developed a system that they subsequently offered to other mum and dad operators as franchisees. One of the new and exciting ventures in the Franchise Market…

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Over The Counter – Retail

Retail Environment & Digital System A retail home styling and decorating store that offers the experience of creating everything digitally and then ordering all products. Blurring the services of a workshop, consultancy practice and traditional retail store.

Hybridize Museum

Hybridize Museum – Digital Future

Hybridize Museum A digital concept museum that moves in all aspects in realtime through live feeds and interactive spaces. Developed 2003.  


Samsung Experiential & Retail Designs

Samsung – Experiential Retail The consumer electronics leaders needed to present their products in the most unique and customised ways. GIANI was asked to develop the spaces that engage consumers in the deepest and most relevant way that represents their product line.  


Rock & Republic Retail Design

Rock & Republic Retail Design. The importance of retail design to store layout and visual merchandising, to learn about customer traffic flow, product displays and signage through the wonderful designs of GIANI.  

Packaging Awards

Package Design Awards

Packaging Design & Branding Something was needed to create an eye-catching packaging design with Branding and design equal to match. It needed to be reproduced for years, which is the real challenge, especially with trends in industrial design now demanding biodegradable or renewable packaging. 

Optus Zoo

Optus – Tennis Australia

Optus Experiential & Retail Branded Spaces Tennis Australia represents the largest event on the world calendar at the time it is held. Optus was a client that GIANI worked on for three years, designing wonderful spacial booths that housed the product that their customers love and developing new relationships with a growing community.  


BIC Trade Show Events

BIC International Trade Show GIANI designed a high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibition for the company BIC, in order to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business for company’s annual international trade show. Customised branding and construction was part of the full services offered by Giani.

Party Starters

Sony Party Starters

Brand Origination & Communications Designed and planned for the rollout of Experiential Activations and Retail environment campaigns across the United Kingdom.


Sony Retail Designs Melbourne

Sony Retail Designs Melbourne Just how much can you fit into a shipping container. For Sony Melbourne, showcasing 10 of its latest HD Screens and 7 Play Station 2 consoles with stunning graphics was the obvious choice. Positioned at Melbourne’s Federation Square, a guaranteed return for high exposure, this shipping container was completely self equipped…

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Vodafone Retail Conference

Brand Experience Design & Retail Design Vodafone – Branded Experience and Brand Campaign: A Direct Sales and Enterprise Sales Conferences was designed, represented by the metaphor, ‘Go Beyond’, established to set the tone for the coming year, representing growth and empowerment to all Vodafone employees. This is a call to action but also a call to attitude. ‘Go…

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Optus Telco

Optus Retail Design Environments Events & Stunts

Optus Retail Design Environments We went to great lengths to develop the creative representations and Branded Environments to represent the Optus ipPhone that other Telcos don’t want you to see.

Nokia Event

Nokia Brand Experience

Nokia Brand and Event Design A systematic approach, designing products from conceptualisation and evaluating ideas, routes to market, and turning them into tangible inventions and products for consumers. Designing the trade shows and Branded Experiences that engage with consumers, appeal to a target market of small to medium-sized businesses during a tough financial period.    

Gifts For Life

World Vision – Gifts for a Life

Retail & Brand & Digital Environments Develop a series of Branded Environment within the retail spaces that allowed Child Sponsorship products to be displayed at various shopping centres throughout Australia. 
It was clear that a marketing strategy was needed to justify the creative intent and allow for the range of products to be positioned appropriately before going to market.…

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Word Vision

World Vision – Experiential Retail – Connecting lives

World Vision Connecting lives Challenge: To offer the general public the ability to experience the life of three very different children in their home environments within developing countries. World Vision – Experiential Retail, Connecting Lives. Insight: 
To achieve the deepest level of engagement and translate a truly realistic experience to the general public, every aspect of the child’s life…

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DR Dre

Dr Dre Beats Experience

Dr. Dre Engagement marketing, or experiential marketing Is a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages consumers to participate in the evolution of a brand… It is often blurred as retail design. Giani was given the call to design the Retail Activation space for Dr. Dre, the choice to say yes was clear. A retail…

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L’Oréal Professionnel Events

L’Oréal Professionnel  Branding and Event design to make the years show even more exciting and professional than the year before! We needed a theme to celebrate the explosive complexities of light, colour, movement, hair and entertainment. But most of all, it needed to be fun, fun, fun! The light fantastic was born, established by the Creative Director,…

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Lloyds of London Banking Experience

Lloyds TSB London Banks 
Lloyds TSB, the third largest bank in the UK, wanted to achieve four key objectives through an engaging creative strategy that would solidify customer confidence and deliver transparency within banking services, while introducing a new saving tool for customers. It was achieved through a complete Branded Retail Experience & Digital Design Strategy. Objectives…

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Ford Branded Retail Trade Show

Ford Trade Shows & Event Designs A designed series of branded environments to showcase Fords entire product range without any understanding of locations, sizes or venues throughout Australia. Given the challenges it was only appropriate to develop a fresh exhibition approach which was as efficient as it was expressive, embracing the complexity of multi-site installations and…

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Night Club

Soma Bar & Lounge Nightclub Design

Soma Bar Design & Build Considered the grown up playground! Spanning over three levels, this Branded Retail Night Club, Cocktail Bar & Lounge and Rooftop has something to offer every desire – day and night. The indoor and outdoor Rooftop boasts stunning views to the CBD, a contemporary space to enjoy, filled with tunes with…

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