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Project Description

Lloyds TSB London Banks

Lloyds TSB, the third largest bank in the UK, wanted to achieve four key objectives through an engaging creative strategy that would solidify customer confidence and deliver transparency within banking services, while introducing a new saving tool for customers.
It was achieved through a complete Branded Retail Experience & Digital Design Strategy.

1 – Revitalise brand and environmental design perception.

2 – Encourage the acquisition of customers and banking services offered through marketing programs.

3 – Introduce sophisticated digital banking platforms that are easy to operate though great UI & UX graphical design. 

4 – Bring a human touch to all banking touch-points.


Brand Experience - Lloyds TSB - British National Retail Brand Experience - Lloyds TSB - British National Retail

: To develop a year long communications program that puts the people and their financial requirements at the heart of everything they do.

The redesign of a mobile retail environment with beautifully crafted fixtures and a seamless blend of the latest digital technologies. Bringing product awareness to potential customers, in unconventional banking locations.
The planning and design of communication packs, integrating Above-the-Line communication into POS, in-store communications, Retail, digital and online.


:  A three-tiered consumer profiling system targeted a spectrum of customers based on financial classification. Innovation was the focus for each engagement technique, resulting in an overall welcoming environment that put people at the heart of everything.
 A national through-the-line campaign.

Brand Experience - Lloyds TSB - British National Retail

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