Federation Square Digital Branded Video

Fed Square

Project Description

Federation Square – Digital Branding Animation 

Federation Square is a mixed-use development in the inner city of Melbourne, covering an area of 3.2 hectares and centred on two major public spaces: open squares and one covered, built on top of a concrete deck above busy railway lines.

: To develop a series of digital branded video animations that celebrate 5 years of Federation Square, while keeping in line with Fed guidelines.

: The design of the Fed logo is symbolised through building blocks and mathematical cubic geometry.

To animate a series of five short video stings, one for each year of Federation Square being open, and to celebrate the complexities of the Fed blocks through motion and special effects. The brand treatment and block elements were formed over time to reveal the 5th birthday visual.

: A wonderful series of animations that were placed onto the main screen for the opening ceremony and various ongoing presentations.

Brand Experience gfncreative Federation Square

untitled Brand Experience gfncreative Federation Square

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