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Graphic Design

Project Description

Graphic Design that Brings Brands to Life!

Samsung 2010 Winter Olympics

Design a booklet for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics showing all the best tourist locations and most important locations within the province for the use of the South Korean delegates.

: A beautifully designed 42 page book that was developed for both English and South Korean readers.

 untitled Graphic Design & Communications


Sony Party Starters

Corporate communication the connects with consumer groups and graphics that celebrate and enhance the metaphor of entertainment through the notion of Party Starters.


Poster Development0016 Logo001 Poster Development0013

Nokia Engage Advertising & Print

Corporate communications and collateral to best present the benefits and features of the latest products for customers of the future.


Frank Gehry Design Book

Designing a book that eccos the style and beauty of typographic flow and structure that Frank Gehry finds in all his curvaceous architectural work.


Book Cover Design

Book covers that pop of the self and proudly promote to the reader stories within.


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