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  • “Gianfranco’s brought a unique set of skills to World Vision, and presented fresh ideas through a broad range of creative disciplines. His ability to analyse and breakdown consumer groups was vital in the production of marketing materials and he worked closely with the environment builders to ensure the concepts came to life as planned. Gianfranco’s belief in this project was a major driving factor in its success.”

    — Sophie Cox - Former Head of Strategy at World Vision —
  • “ Gianfranco, a close colleague of mine both professionally and personally. We worked together on some of RPA’s major European accounts, developing retail and communication programs for retail environments. These accounts included, Woolworths, Nokia Vertu, Tommy Hilfiger, Footlocker, The Mall Group and TK Maxx. Exceptionally strong at understanding the ‘Bigger Picture’ for clients and developing a creative outline which he called the ‘customer experience’.”

    — Monika Moore – Designer at Starbucks Coffee London —
  • “… I found Gianfranco to have a brilliant creative mind, is a strategic thinker and is passionate about his craft. He is a dynamic resource to use in an organisation for ideas generation and future proofing technology for every day usage.”

    — Catherine Hall - Managing Director, The Hand Limited —
  • “Gianfranco is a talented and importantly, hungry, designer who can turn his hand to most things design. His 3D environmental skills complement his 2D graphic abilities (a rare combination) and he is always on the hunt for the new, the left field and the interesting. He would be an asset to any team/project.”

    — Paul Edwards - Executive Creative Director, Bunch Group —
  • “Gianfranco he re-positioned our department, as a result of understanding our clients business problems, and created a clear action plan outlining future services. It was great to work with Gianfranco for our 6 months together. An outgoing, dedicated, forthright and energetic colleague, he is a true asset to any organisation whether creating retail designs or high tech R&D solutions, as he did with Bezier. I truly hope our paths will cross again and I have the chance to collaborate on projects.”

    — Simon Spencer-Harvey - Head of Virtual Reality & Digital Services —

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