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Position: Director Consumer Engagement / Virtual Services
Company: Bezier (London)
Catherine Hall: Director of The Hand

I worked with Giani for 6 months whilst at Bezier and found him to have a brilliant creative mind, is a strategic thinker and is passionate about his craft. He is a dynamic resource to use in an organisation for ideas generation and future proofing technology for every day usage. He is an articulate manager and a dedicated individual, he is incredibly supportive of good ideas and is a fun person to work with.

November 7, 2012, Catherine worked directly with Gianfranco at Bezier (London)


Simon Spencer-Harvey: 3D Designer and Motion Graphics Artist

In my role as VR Developer, as part of the Virtual Services team at Bezier, I worked for Gianfranco (Giani) for over 6 months.

During this time he re-positioned our department, as a result of understanding our clients business problems, and created a clear action plan outlining future services.

It was great to work with Gianfranco and to getting to know him. An outgoing, dedicated, forthright and energetic colleague, he is a true asset to any organisation whether creating retail or high tech R&D solutions, as he did with Bezier. I truly hope our paths will cross again and I have the chance to collaborate on projects.

October 29, 2011, Simon reported to Gianfranco at Bezier (London)


Position: Creative Director / Consultant
 Company: World Vision
Paul Newnham: Global Youth Engagement Director at World Vision

Gianfranco (Giani) worked on a range of projects at World Vision and executed them with flair and creativity. He would challenge ideas and stretch thinking this enabled projects to be executed in a way that exceeded expectations and stretched opportunities. He was great to have on the team on some significant projects.

April 25, 2009, Paul managed Gianfranco indirectly at World Vision


My Position: Creative Director / Consultant
 Company: World Vision
Sophie Cox: former Head of Strategy at World Vision

To whom it may concern,

In my role as the Strategic Advisor for World Vision, I worked with Giani on the Connecting Lives experiential environment for just over six months. This was the first time World Vision had undertaken such a project and it posed many challenges including integrated thinking, strategic planning and practical execution.

Giani brought a unique set of skills to World Vision, and presented fresh ideas through a broad range of creative disciplines. His ability to analyse and breakdown consumer groups was vital in the production of marketing materials and he worked closely with the environment builders to ensure the concepts and plans came to life as planned.

Giani’s belief in this project was a major driving factor in its success. His technical skills and lateral thinking was demonstrated throughout the project, leaving me no doubt that these attributes would be of benefit to any creative business in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Giani and wish him every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Cox | Executive Officer | Vision 2020 Australia

August 27, 2008, Sophie managed Gianfranco directly at World Vision


My Position: Creative Director / Consultant
 Company: World Vision
Tony Lazzaro: Owner/Producer at Big Ears Audio

Big Ears Audio has had the pleasure of working with Gianfranco (Giani) on a wide variety of projects both small and large. World Vision “Connecting Lifes “was challenging and rewarding. He brought together the right people and elements to produce a truly memorable exprience,
 Big Ears Audio can’t wait to work with him again.
His creative vision is above the rest.He sees things differently and the clients benefit from that vision.

March 8, 2011, Tony was with another company when working with Gianfranco at World Vision


Position: Creative Director / Consultant
 Company: World Vision
Paul Prickett: Director/Owner, Involved Design & Development Agency

My colleagues and I at Involved worked alongside Giani for a number of months on World Vision’s Connecting Lives event in late 2008. Our digital work for the event drew inspiration and visual reference from the fantastic experiential design work Giani and his team had developed for the project.

We were impressed by his vision and consistently creative approach to what was obviously a mammoth piece of art direction, design and production over a long period which, given the sensitive subject matter and emotional themes being explored, resulted in a very powerful piece of exhibition design.

We’re very much looking forward to collaborating with Giani on another multi-disciplinary project upon his return to Melbourne.less

April 28, 2009, Paul worked with Gianfranco at World Vision


Position: Designer
 Company: Jack Morton Worldwide
Paul Edwards: Creative Director

Giani is a talented and importantly, hungry, designer who can turn his hand to most things design. His 3D environmental skills complement his 2D graphic abilities (a rare combination) and he is always on the hunt for the new, the left field and the interesting. He would be an asset to any team/project.

May 10, 2009, Paul managed Gianfranco at Jack Morton Worldwide.


Position: Art Director
Company:The RPA Group: Vision
James Breaks: Associate Director

Giani provided us with solid, reliable and consistent support to our projects using his diverse technical abilities to create original concept design.

From a series of edited concept walk-throughs, to a mall wide re-signing strategy he has brought his acute design sense to bear providing a thorough and prompt service working well under pressure. Giani also helped progress our own, on-going, re-branding strategy.

Using innovative concept development with many different forms of generation and experimentation he has provided the widest possible palette possible. Giani’s potential rests in the inventiveness of the brief given to him.

December 13, 2010, James managed Gianfranco at The RPA Group.


Monika Moore: Designer at Starbucks Coffee Company

Giani, a close colleague of mine both professionally and personally. We worked together on some of RPA’s major European accounts, developing retail and communication programs for retail environments. These accounts included, Woolworths, Nokia Vertu, Tommy Hilfiger, Footlocker, The Mall Group and TK Maxx.

Giani is very talented, with an extreme hunger for integrated marketing and design. Exceptionally strong at understanding the “Bigger Picture” for clients and developing a creative outline which he called the ‘customer experience’. Giani’s strengths rest in his ability to think about projects from a marketing, creative and production perspective. Apply his various skills at different phases during project life and always consider what message is being sent to the end consumer. A great team player not afraid to voice his opinions!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Giani during my time at RPA and would recommend him for future work.

December 10, 2010, Monika worked directly with Gianfranco at The RPA Group.

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