Club Italia – Sauce Day

Club Italia - Sauce Day

Another great interview with the local paper : GIANI: Brands + Environments producing and creating Sauce Day

Get your Looking for Alibrandi on at Club Italia’s inaugural Sauce Day Festival.
A day the whole family can enjoy, the event will help promote and retain a rich Italian culture and tradition.
Take part in a guided 30-minute sauce making experience and eat fresh pasta from Camela’s Kitchen.
Creative and Production by Gianfranco Natale – Giani @ gfncreative.com.au


Food and Italian culture go hand in hand and a unique event at Club Italia has been created to demonstrate the strength of that link.
It harks back to the days of Italian families gathering to crush vine ripened tomatoes and preserve the rich sauce for use in a variety of recipes.
Club Italia member Gianfranco Natale said the club was keen to retain the spirit of Italian culture as a way to preserve these traditions.

“We want to demonstrate the festive rituals and educate a new audience to the joys of gathering the family with good food and a fun event.
“There are still families that do it but we want to celebrate it collectively and show how you can make sauce for the family for the year.
“Not only is it the best sauce you can never buy – it’s better than anything on the shelf – it’s only 40 cents a bottle if you get the right tomatoes.”

Mr Natale said the make sauce day would offer half hour lessons, enabling families to book in and experience the joys of making sauce.
It’s a step-by-step explanation of the whole process including tomato production, cooking and bottling.
Plus families get to taste the difference home-made sauce can make to a variety of sauce-based recipes.

Club Italia - Sauce Day

Darryn Lyons is also supporting this initiative by saying,
“Greater Geelong is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds.
It’s important that we appreciate and preserve our region’s unique heritage.
Greater Geelong’s Italian community is a great example of cultural diversity. And Club Italia’s Sauce Day gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about Italian food and its importance to the Italian way of life.

I urge people to go along and embrace this unique cultural event.”

Additionally on the day, Club Italia’s famed bocce rink will be open for everyone to play and there will be exhibits celebrating the history of the club and the Italian community in Geelong.
The Sauce Day event is on Saturday 12th April from 10am to 4.30pm

Lessons run every half hour and bookings are essential by calling the club on 5250 2349.

$25 Adults
30 minute lessons. Meal includes: Gnocchi, Penne, Meatball & Soft Drink.

$10 Children (aged 14-18)
30 minute lessons. Meal includes: Gnocchi, Penne, Meatball & Beer, Wine or Soft Drink.

Kids under are 13 free… Everyone Come Hungry!


Come to Club Italia on 12th April and learn how to make a years supply of tomato sauce the traditional Italian way.

Proudly produced and created by myself, Gianfranco Natale – Giani.

Contact: Club Italia
Address: 515 Queenscliff Road, Moolap, Victoria, 3224
Ph: 03 5250 2349
Fax:03 5250 2324
Email: clubitalia@bigpond.com

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